Biden Faces Backlash as 58 Percent of Voters Struggling with Economy in New Poll

A recent survey conducted by NewsNation/Decision Desk HQ has shown troubling signs for President Biden’s handling of the economy. According to the poll, 58 percent of registered voters are struggling to make ends meet, with their monthly incomes being swallowed up by basic living expenses. This news comes as a blow for President Biden, as the economy is expected to be a central issue in the upcoming presidential race against former President Trump.

The survey also revealed that 58 percent of those polled disapprove of President Biden’s management of the economy, and a staggering 92 percent are feeling somewhat or very concerned about the rise in inflation. The economic strain is evident as nearly two-thirds of the surveyed voters reported having to cut back on their spending over the past month, including on groceries, entertainment, and dining out.

Furthermore, when asked who they hold accountable for the state of the economy, 42 percent of the respondents pointed the finger at President Biden. Additionally, almost 45 percent expressed that they are worse off financially compared to a year ago, with only 23 percent feeling better off. This is especially concerning as the economy has been the top priority for voters and is anticipated to be the focal point of the upcoming presidential debates.

Even more alarming is the impact on young Americans, with a staggering 73 percent of young voters reporting that they are also living paycheck to paycheck. The electorate is eagerly hoping for a deep focus on the economy during the debates, as the first showdown between President Biden and former President Trump is scheduled for June 27.

These findings paint a grim picture for President Biden as he seeks re-election, indicating that voters are feeling the squeeze of the economy and are holding him accountable for their financial woes.

Written by Staff Reports

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