Biden Faces Backlash for Immigration Executive Action as Trump Vows Reversal

It seems that Sleepy Joe is at it again, pushing his radical, laughable vision of America with an executive action that reeks of desperation. Biden’s latest stunt aims to loosen immigration restrictions, granting leniency to half a million immigrants married to American citizens but lacking legal status. Former President Donald Trump, ever the hawk on immigration, called out this blatant ploy for what it is: an illegal, unconstitutional amnesty.

At a rally in Racine, Wisconsin, Trump didn’t mince words. He vowed not to let this executive action survive a single day if he’s reelected. Biden’s executive action, he pointed out, lacks approval from Congress, the courts, or, shockingly, the American people. This is just another of Biden’s attempts to secure political points and, likely, votes from illegal immigrants ahead of the November elections.

Trump no longer stands alone in seeing through Biden’s smoke and mirrors. Hours before Trump’s rally, Biden made his grandiose announcement about speeding up a pathway to citizenship for undocumented couples and their children, provided they’ve lived in the U.S. for ten years. Americans see this sham for what it is – a gateway to open the voting booth to illegal immigrants who, by law, have no right to be here in the first place.

Biden’s immigration record, Trump highlighted, is riddled with the tragic outcomes of his lenient policies. The high-profile killings of Rachel Hannah Morin in Maryland and Laken Riley in Georgia serve as a grim reminder of what happens when an administration prioritizes non-citizens over law-abiding Americans. While Biden positions himself as the benevolent leader of all, Trump promises to be the president who looks out for every American, of every race, religion, and creed. 


The Joe Biden versus Donald Trump saga is far from over, with Trump set to possibly be snagged by sentencing in New York just days before the GOP Convention in Milwaukee. Convicted of falsifying business records linked to hush money payments, Trump’s presence at the convention could hinge on Judge Juan Merchan’s upcoming decision. Despite this cloud, Trump remains popular in key states like Wisconsin, where his America First agenda is a refreshing contrast to Biden’s spiraling economic policies, rampant crime, and the ongoing border crisis.

Democrats, ever desperate, pounced on Trump’s recent comments about Milwaukee, albeit misleadingly. Trying to undermine Trump’s track record, they highlighted Biden’s role in a new data center project, neglecting the more crucial failures of his term. But Trump remains undeterred, focused on reclaiming the vision that made him a successful candidate in 2016 and promising to Make America Great Again, once more.

Written by Staff Reports

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