Biden Faces Internal Backlash Over Support for Israel

President Biden has come under fire from the left for his strong support of Israel in its ongoing conflict with Hamas in Gaza. Some critics are concerned about alleged “genocide” and a humanitarian crisis for the Palestinian people. Even within his administration, there has been pushback. A career diplomat at the State Department, Hala Rharrit, resigned in protest over the Biden administration’s favorable stance on Israel.

Rharrit, who had been with the State Department for 18 years, accused the administration of stifling dissenting opinions. She claimed that officials threatened retaliation against those who spoke out against the administration’s policies regarding Israel and the Palestinians. According to her, despite the existence of channels for internal dissent, there was a fear of facing consequences for critiquing the administration’s handling of the conflict.

Criticism of Administration’s Talking Points

Rharrit pointed out that she refused to participate in interviews for Arab media regarding Gaza due to what she perceived as biased and “provocative” talking points favoring Israel. She expressed concerns that such messaging disregarded the plight of Palestinians and could incite anti-American sentiment. She also criticized the administration for selling U.S.-made bombs to Israel, contributing to Palestinian casualties.

The diplomat feared that the current approach could perpetuate a cycle of violence and revenge, making Israelis less secure. She highlighted the importance of diplomacy over military actions in achieving a lasting, peaceful solution. Rharrit’s resignation sheds light on internal tensions over the administration’s handling of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Concerns of Retaliation and Ultimatums

Rharrit disclosed that she and other dissenters felt intimidated and hesitant to discuss Gaza-related issues at work for fear of retribution. She detailed how she was accused of misconduct and pressured to either resume media appearances or resign. Despite her dedication to diplomacy and advocating for de-escalation, Rharrit’s experiences reflect a broader debate within the Biden administration regarding its stance on the conflict in the Middle East.

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