Biden Faces Strict Debate Rules No Props or Notes Allowed

CNN has just set the rules for the first presidential debate, and it seems President Joe Biden might be in for a challenge. As the debate approaches in less than two weeks, it is expected to be a face-off between former President Donald Trump and Biden. The finalized rules state that candidates will not be allowed to consult with their campaign members during commercial breaks, and they will have limited tools on stage, including a pen, notepad, and a bottle of water. There will be no props or prepared notes allowed.

It appears that Biden will not have any outside help, including from the White House, during the debate. This has raised concerns about his performance, especially given recent questions about his mental acuity. The question of whether Biden will be allowed to use an earpiece for assistance remains unanswered, but it seems unlikely based on the rules set by CNN. Both Biden and Trump have agreed to these rules, showing their commitment to a fair debate.

The upcoming debate is scheduled to take place in Atlanta, Georgia, and will be moderated by CNN’s Jake Tapper and Dana Bash. With strict rules in place, the focus will be on the candidates’ abilities to articulate their positions and engage in a meaningful discussion. However, concerns about Biden’s performance linger, as a recent poll revealed that many Americans expect him to struggle with speaking, remember where he is, or even walk off the stage incorrectly.

Given these challenges, it remains to be seen how Biden will fare in the debate. Conservative viewers may be watching closely to see if he can hold his own without outside assistance.

Written by Staff Reports

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