Biden Faces Surprising New 2024 Challenger

Due to the increasing number of presidential primaries, the battle between Joe Biden and Marianne Williamson is expected to become more interesting.

There is no doubt that there are many Americans who want to see change in Washington. Unfortunately, Joe Biden is not going to help them anytime soon.

According to the American lookout, there's a primary challenger in 2024 for Joe Biden.

In 2024, Williamson is expected to challenge Biden, who she claims is not connected to the average Americans.

During an interview on Friday, Williamson stated that Biden will likely talk about how the economy is improving. She believes that this is a contrast between the party elites and the people who are struggling.

According to Williamson, people are being asked to limit their political imaginations and accept the low inflation rate and unemployment rate. However, this is not a solution to the issues that Americans are facing.

In response to a question, Williamson stated that she will be talking about her plans for 2024 this weekend. She also said that she would "absolutely" run for president as a Democrat.

In the presidential primary elections of 2020, Willaimson dropped out of the race due to low polling numbers.

During her campaign, Williamson focused on her spiritual beliefs and appealed to voters with a message of love and conscience.

During her campaign, Williamson advocated for an economic justice agenda and a Department of Peace to address the damage caused by trickle-down economics.

In a statement, Williamson said that she decided to suspend her campaign because she did not have enough support to get the necessary votes.

In her platform, Williamson advocated for the reparations of $100 billion to be paid over ten years. She also called for gun control and equal rights for gay and lesbian communities.

She became known as a spiritual guide for Hollywood after she appeared on Oprah Winfrey's program. She also performed Elizabeth Taylor's wedding in 1991.

Even though she was a longshot to win the primary elections, Williamson was able to qualify for the early debates due to her spiritual guidance books.

As the presidential primaries begin to heat up, Williamson jumped into the race. During an interview with Politico, she called out Biden for his failure to connect with Americans. She stated that it's time for change in Washington.

According to her, the low inflation and unemployment figures do not reflect the reality of the American people. She also believes that Trump will win the election if the Democrats do not implement the changes that she believes are needed. It's not yet clear if her controversial statement will affect her presidential hopes.

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