Biden Fiddles While America Burns: 40% Presidency Spent on Personal Getaways!

In a stunning revelation, the Republican National Committee has calculated that President Joe Biden has spent a whopping 40 percent of his time as president on personal trips away from the White House. Can you believe it? Forty percent! That means out of his 957 days in office, he’s been away for a staggering 382 days. The New York Post has even confirmed this mind-blowing statistic using White House reports of Biden’s movements.

While Biden is gallivanting around, enjoying his personal time, the American people are left to deal with the disastrous consequences of his presidency. Illegal immigrants are pouring across our borders, violent crime is surging, and hard-working Americans are struggling under the weight of inflation. And where is Joe Biden? He’s lounging on the beach with his handlers, avoiding the media and refusing to answer basic questions that the American people deserve answers to. It’s truly outrageous.

But it gets even worse. Biden was recently spotted sitting under an umbrella, leisurely reading what appeared to be court documents. And what was happening that same day? Oh, just Hunter Biden’s associate, Devon Archer, testifying against him, implicating the president in his son’s shady foreign business schemes. Coincidence? I think not.

And let’s not forget the House Oversight Committee announcing a subpoena of Devon Archer to appear for a deposition to Congress. It’s clear that Biden’s personal trips and his involvement in his son’s business dealings are catching up to him. But instead of facing the consequences, Biden is off on vacation with his wife Jill for Labor Day weekend at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. Typical.

It’s important to note that Biden’s days away from the White House surpass even the laziest president in recent history, George H.W. Bush, who spent 36 percent of his time in office away for personal time. And let’s not forget that former President Donald Trump, who the media loved to attack for his golf outings, actually spent less time away from the Oval Office than Biden, coming in at just 26 percent.

I can’t help but wonder if Biden’s many trips away from the Oval Office are somehow connected to the most disastrous moments of his presidency. It’s no coincidence that he was at Camp David for six days after the fall of Kabul to the Taliban. And where was he when Russia invaded Ukraine? Oh, that’s right, he was comfortably at home in Wilmington, Delaware. It seems like every time something goes wrong, Biden is conveniently absent.

The White House may try to spin this as Biden staying in touch with his roots and family, but the American people deserve a president who is fully committed to the job. It’s time for Biden to set aside his personal interests and start focusing on the needs of the American people. It’s time for him to step up or step aside.

Written by Staff Reports

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