Biden Flexes on Israel: Cut Civilian Harm or Face U.S. Wrath!

In a recent phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Biden laid down the law, telling him to put a cork in it when it comes to civilian casualties. The conversation was prompted by an IDF airstrike that tragically took out a humanitarian convoy. In the wake of the deadly strike, Biden made it clear to Netanyahu that he’s not playing around and demanded “specific, concrete, and measurable steps” to prevent further civilian casualties. You go, Joe!

This whole mess started when the IDF accidentally destroyed several marked vehicles belonging to the World Central Kitchen, resulting in the deaths of at least seven aid workers, including one American. Israel admitted they were behind the strike, but they’re sticking to their story that it was all just a big oopsie-daisy. But come on, how many oopsie-daisies can one country make before they start taking some serious heat?

Prior to the phone call with Netanyahu, Biden expressed his heartbreak over the attack to Chef Jose Andres, the founder of World Central Kitchen. He promised Chef Andres that he’d push Israel to change their military tactics in Gaza to spare innocent civilians. Now, that’s what we call compassionate conservatism!

The White House didn’t hold back in their readout of the call, stating that Biden made it crystal clear to Netanyahu that the strikes on humanitarian workers are totally “unacceptable.” He’s not messing around, folks. The White House also emphasized that U.S. policy towards Gaza hinges on Israel’s immediate action in addressing civilian harm and humanitarian suffering. In other words, it’s put up or shut up time for Israel.

During the call, Biden and Netanyahu also chatted it up about the threats posed by Iran and the U.S.’s unwavering commitment to help Israel defend itself from those pesky threats. The call lasted a good half-hour, so you know they weren’t just exchanging pleasantries.

This whole situation has put a lot of pressure on Biden, as the civilian casualties in Gaza keep piling up. He even brought in Muslim American leaders for a pow-wow at the White House to hash out the Gaza crisis. It’s clear that Biden is taking this whole thing seriously, but the jury’s still out on whether his efforts are making any headway. Let’s hope he can get things sorted out before it’s too late!

Written by Staff Reports

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