Biden Forces Truckers Electric, But They’re Not Plugging In!

The Biden administration’s latest scheme to force heavy-duty truck drivers to switch to electric vehicles has sparked outrage among hardworking Americans who keep this country running! The Environmental Protection Agency has set its sights on big rigs as part of Biden’s radical agenda to slash greenhouse gas emissions. But truckers ain’t having none of it!

These absurd regulations won’t kick in until 2026, but the trucking community is already in an uproar. They ain’t buying that these puny electric trucks can handle the tough conditions of the open road. One truck driver from Wisconsin, Mike Nichols, laid it out plain and simple for all of us: These electric trucks are as useless as a screen door on a submarine! Even if they gave ’em away for free, he’d still turn ’em down ‘cause they just can’t handle the heavy loads, long distances, and quick turnarounds that diesel trucks can manage with ease.

And don’t get them started on the charging times! By the time an electric truck is juiced up and ready to roll, a diesel truck has already made three deliveries and whistled Dixie!

These new rules are set to affect all sorts of vehicles, from delivery trucks to fire trucks, and even public transit buses. With the stricter regulations, truckers are rightfully concerned that there will be a need for more trucks on the road, which flies in the face of improving our society like the EPA claims it will.

The CEO of the American Trucking Association, Chris Spear, ain’t holding back either. He’s calling these post-2030 targets unachievable, and he’s spot on! Diesel trucks can travel thousands of miles, while the so-called “highest-end electric semitruck” can barely manage 500 miles!

But hey, the EPA thinks it’s all rainbows and butterflies! They’re spewing out statements about the new rules delivering health benefits while giving fleet owners “flexibility” to choose their vehicles. How ’bout letting the hardworking folks behind the wheel decide what’s best for their jobs, huh?

Meanwhile, as the Biden administration pushes for more electric vehicles, the American people aren’t exactly lining up to buy them. EV sales are lagging while the industry churns them out like they’re going out of style. It’s clear as day that the demand just ain’t there!

So, let’s put the brakes on these outlandish regulations and let the hardworking truckers keep on truckin’ with the reliable diesel rigs they know and love!

Written by Staff Reports

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