Biden Fumbles Army Trophy Ceremony, Questions on Competency Arise

Joe Biden recently invited the United States Military Academy’s Black Knights to the White House to receive the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy for winning a competition against other military academies. Despite the Army team’s victory back in December, it took Biden quite some time to recognize their achievement. This delay in acknowledging and honoring our military heroes reflects a concerning lack of prioritization on Biden’s part.

During his brief speech, Biden struggled with reading from the teleprompter, showcasing a concerning inability to even deliver pre-written remarks coherently. This incident raises questions about his mental acuity and ability to fulfill his presidential duties effectively. It is worrying to witness the leader of our country struggle with such a basic task as reading a prepared script.


Furthermore, Biden’s confusion and awkward interactions with the cadets, such as appearing puzzled by a gift of an Army jersey and displaying a lack of awareness during a jersey handover, further underscore his apparent disconnect and cognitive challenges. The lack of clarity and coherence in his statements, including a perplexing reference to the “spouses of the guys running the show,” only adds to the growing reservations about his competency as president.

In addition to these concerning displays, Biden’s dismissive response to a question regarding his message to Netanyahu amid critical international developments raises significant alarms about his grasp of foreign policy and national security matters. The evident lack of engagement and focus on pressing issues affecting our nation and its allies is deeply troubling.

In conclusion, these incidents at the White House event emphasize the pressing need for transparency and accountability in the Biden administration. The American people deserve a leader who can effectively communicate, make informed decisions, and prioritize the interests of the nation and its defenders. It is essential for the administration to address these apparent shortcomings and ensure that the president upholds the responsibilities of the office with competence and clarity.

Written by Staff Reports

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