Biden Funnels $1.5 Billion into Ads Targeting Trump, Fails to Impress

Joe Biden’s fundraising efforts for the upcoming 2024 campaign have crossed into alarming territory, with a staggering $1.5 billion war chest in his possession. The burning question is, where will all that money go? A significant portion is slated for political ads, but will these ads showcase Biden’s achievements and leadership skills during his time as president? Not quite.

Much like his unsuccessful predecessors, Biden seems intent on deflecting attention from his own record by making his opponent, Donald Trump, the focal point of his campaign. Despite the fact that voters are more interested in solutions than mudslinging, Biden has chosen to allocate a whopping $50 million towards ads emphasizing Trump’s alleged felony conviction.

However, the response to Biden’s ad campaign has been less than enthusiastic. Even staunch Trump critic, political strategist Steve Schmidt, labeled it as “soulless” and “flat”, suggesting that it was a colossal waste of money that failed to resonate with the public. The Trump camp, on the other hand, appears to be relishing in Biden’s missteps, with press secretary Karoline Leavitt criticizing the hefty spending on irrelevant issues that do not address the real concerns of the American people.

Despite Biden’s efforts to tarnish Trump’s image through the ad blitz, recent polls indicate that the tactic may not be yielding the desired results. Trump continues to maintain a strong lead over Biden in key battleground states, with the public showing little reaction to the conviction narrative pushed by the left. Additionally, Biden’s approval ratings have taken a hit, reaching an all-time low during the peak of Trump’s trial, underscoring the ineffectiveness of the repeated attacks on the former president.

In their desperate bid to vilify Trump, the left seems to have missed the mark, believing that simply shouting “TRUMP IS A CONVICTED FELON!!!” louder will miraculously sway public opinion. It’s a tactic reminiscent of a Dr. Seuss story, with the hope that incessant repetition will somehow make the narrative stick in the minds of the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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