Biden Hides Call Readout with Netanyahu, Fuels Impeachment Talk

In recent news, it has been revealed that President Biden chose to keep a readout of his call with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu hidden from the public to avoid backlash. This decision has raised concerns among Congressional Republicans and has fueled discussions about potential impeachment proceedings.

This revelation has come to light following President Biden’s actions to halt aid shipments to Israel, a move seen as politically motivated. It is ironic to note that Democrats previously labeled similar actions by former President Trump as impeachable offenses, yet seem to take a different stance when it comes to President Biden. 


The comparison between President Trump’s handling of a call with Ukrainian President Zelensky and President Biden’s decision to conceal parts of a call with Prime Minister Netanyahu showcases a double standard in how actions are viewed based on political affiliation. While Trump was accused of a cover-up and abuse of power, Biden’s actions are downplayed or ignored.

Despite recent articles of impeachment filed against President Biden by Republican Cory Mills over the aid hold to Israel, it is unlikely that any significant consequences will follow. Democrats have shown a pattern of dismissing impeachment attempts against members of the Biden administration. However, bringing these issues to light can still have an impact on public perception and the upcoming election.

It is essential for the public to be aware of these actions, as they paint a picture of a president who prioritizes political expediency over transparency and support for allies. By highlighting these discrepancies, it becomes apparent that accountability should apply regardless of political party.

Written by Staff Reports

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