Biden Imposes Stiff Tariffs on Chinese Goods, Aims to Boost US Labor

President Biden emphasized his support for American labor union workers as he revealed new tariffs on Chinese imports, including a 100% rate on electric vehicles. He stated his determination to ensure that the future of electric vehicles is made in America by union workers. The President also spoke out against former President Trump’s trade policy, criticizing it for not increasing U.S. exports. Biden countered Republican complaints about his proposals potentially raising consumer prices and having workarounds through Mexico. 

The Republican National Committee and others scrutinized Biden’s announcement as an “election year ploy,” arguing that it would have little effect on China and suggesting that the president should repeal his electric vehicle mandate if he were serious about protecting American jobs. The White House announced that Biden had directed U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai to use Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974 to increase tariffs on $18 billion of imports from China. The new tariffs cover a range of products, including steel, aluminum, semiconductors, and solar cells. 


The White House highlighted China’s unfair practices, such as forced technology transfers and intellectual property theft, which have allowed China to control a large percentage of global production for critical inputs. The statement expressed the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to strengthening cooperation with partners around the world to address shared concerns about China’s unfair practices. The administration emphasized the benefits of strong alliances and a rules-based international trade system based on fair competition.

Overall, President Biden’s announcement of new tariffs on Chinese imports, including electric vehicles, has drawn criticism from Republicans, who view it as a political move. The Biden-Harris Administration defends the decision, citing China’s unfair practices and the need to protect America’s supply chains and economic security.

Written by Staff Reports

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