Biden in France Speech Attacks Putin and Trump Instead of Focusing on Unity

In a typical Biden move, President Joe Biden took a trip to France to give a speech at the Pointe du Hoc monument. Instead of focusing on important things like the beautiful French landscape or delicious pastries, he used this opportunity to take a jab at Russian President Vladimir Putin. It’s like going to a birthday party and spending the whole time complaining about the cake flavor – rude!

During his speech, Biden couldn’t resist bringing up his ongoing battle with his political arch-nemesis, former President Donald Trump. It’s beginning to feel like a broken record with Biden, always bringing up Trump whenever he can. Can’t he find some new material?


Unlike the great Ronald Reagan, who knew how to give a speech without trashing his enemies left and right, Biden decided to target Russia and their invasion of Ukraine. It’s like he’s trying to pick a fight with every country that doesn’t see eye-to-eye with him.

Biden went on to praise the Army Rangers and their heroic efforts during D-Day. But then, he turned the spotlight back on Putin, insinuating that anyone who doesn’t support his stance against Russia is basically betraying the soldiers who fought in WWII. Talk about guilt-tripping!

It’s no surprise that Biden threw in some jabs at Trump, using the tired old “fine people hoax” line. It’s like he can’t help himself from stirring up drama wherever he goes. Maybe next time he should try focusing on unity and positivity instead of dragging everyone through the mud.

Written by Staff Reports

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