Biden & Mayorkas Earn ‘Traitor’ Title from Texas Rancher Over Border Fiasco!

A Texas rancher has unleashed a scathing attack on the Biden administration, describing President Joe Biden and his Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, as “traitors.” The rancher, Wayne Knight, appeared on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” to express his disgust for the current administration’s handling of the border crisis.

In a report from Eagle Pass, Texas, journalist Lawrence Jones showcased a video filmed by Knight and his crew, capturing an illegal alien of military age climbing over the border fence and maneuvering past razor wire with the help of discarded clothing. Knight expressed his exasperation, stating that he witnesses the same type of debris and damage caused by illegal immigrants on his ranch, located 20 miles south of Eagle Pass.

When asked what he would say to Secretary Mayorkas, Knight didn’t hold back. He labeled Mayorkas a “traitor” and accused him of lying under oath about the security of the border. Knight also extended this criticism to President Biden, calling him a “traitor” as well for failing to protect the American people.

Knight also denounced Biden’s attempt to sue Texas Governor Greg Abbott over his efforts to enforce immigration laws, expressing his support for Abbott’s initiatives and stating that the federal government’s opposition was nothing short of treason.

Knight believes that the Democratic administration’s leniency towards illegal immigration is purely political, with the aim of gaining votes. He argued that Biden’s promises of benefits to illegal immigrants are meant to secure their support at the ballot box.

Jones concluded the report by highlighting the urgent need for assistance in combating illegal immigration, emphasizing that Texas cannot shoulder the burden alone. Border Patrol sources confirmed that over 300,000 illegal immigrants were encountered in December, the highest monthly figure in U.S. history. The number of “gotaways,” those who were not apprehended by Border Patrol, is unknown.

With an estimated 11.4 million illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States, their population surpasses that of all but seven states. The Biden administration has allowed such a significant influx of illegal immigrants that if they were gathered together, they would constitute the 13th-largest state.

The rancher’s scathing criticism underscores the failures of the Biden administration’s border policies. The border crisis has reached alarming levels, with American citizens suffering from high rates of homelessness while the administration’s lax immigration policies remain unchanged. As Wayne Knight contends, it is clear that Biden and his administration’s actions constitute treachery against the American people.

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