Biden Needs Walking Guide to Navigate Public Events

The sheer comedy of Joe Biden’s attempt to string together a coherent thought during the presidential debate on June 27 was quickly overshadowed by an even more laughable revelation. Yes, the same Biden who barely managed to keep his sentences in order is now the subject of scrutiny over how much hand-holding he requires just to get through a public appearance.

To the discerning conservative audience, Biden came across as his usual, somewhat confused self. However, it was the shockwaves rippling through the left-wing media and Democratic ranks that have been truly entertaining. Their “Dear Leader” struggling on stage seemed to shake their faith, though it’s something most conservatives have been warning about for ages.

Enter Axios, which dug up a piece of political comedy gold: a template used by White House event staff explicitly to usher Biden from point A to point B during public events. This isn’t some standard-grade protocol sheet. No, it’s essentially a guided tour for the President of the United States, featuring detailed verbal and visual instructions to walk him to a podium. One can imagine staffers crossing their fingers, hoping he won’t veer off course or call someone “Jack.”

And to top off the absurdity, the White House attempted a classic damage control spin. They boldly claimed this babysitting guide is just business as usual, something any president would need. Right, because we’re all supposed to believe that an intellectual titan like Thomas Jefferson would have required such basic direction. Maybe next time they’ll claim even George Washington needed instructions on how to chop down a cherry tree. 


Let’s not forget that this isn’t an isolated incident. Surely, everyone recalls the viral clips of Biden wandering aimlessly, looking like a lost sock at a laundromat. And who could forget the infamous moment when he needed explicit step-by-step instructions just to enter a room, greet people, and sit down? It’s a troubling pattern that Axios’ recent scoop only reaffirms.

With Biden’s public blunders piling up, the Democrats are clearly scratching their heads, contemplating if their 81-year-old captain can steer the ship all the way to November. The facade they’ve tried to maintain is hard to keep up, particularly when the rest of the world can see Biden’s capability—or lack thereof—right in front of their eyes.

While the left contorts itself to justify these walking guides, it’s essential to remember: this isn’t about procedure. It’s about a leader who can’t lead without a script, proposing policies that directly impact American lives. If the Democrats were truly confident in their man’s abilities, they wouldn’t need five-page walkthroughs to keep him on task. This isn’t normal; it’s an indication of the precarious state we’d be in with four more years of Biden.

Written by Staff Reports

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