Biden Nominee under fire for $40B taxpayer theft

Julie Su, Joe Biden's pick for Labor Secretary, is expected to undergo her confirmation hearing next week. As the head of California's workforce development agency, she was accused of mismanagement and fraud, which led to the loss of billions of dollars in public funds. A coalition known as Stand Against Su accused Su of being anti-business. It cited her support for AB 5, California's law that forced companies to treat workers as employees. She also stated her opposition to border security.

Su's nomination has been the target of a coalition that aims to prevent her from becoming the next Labor Secretary. It claims that she promotes bad behavior and is not qualified to lead the agency. It's not just Republicans who are opposing her, but members of her own political party as well.

In a statement, Cottie Norris, a Democrat from Laguna Beach, criticized Su for her performance as the head of the agency. She noted that she wasted a lot of money and caused heartache for the people of California. It's understandable that Republicans are against Su due to the allegations of fraud that occurred during her previous position. Due to the Democrats' narrow majority, it's not clear if she'll be confirmed.

Aside from confirming cabinet members, the Senate also has to consider the nominations of judicial officials. Due to the absence of Sen. Diane Feinstein of California, Biden's nominees for judicial positions have had a hard time getting through the Senate. Mitch McConnell, the Senate's minority leader, noted that the Democrats' failure to get the support of Senate Judiciary Committee members for certain judicial nominees is due to the extreme nature of their nominees.

Su's chances of being confirmed are still unclear due to the Senate's political division. Her record and the allegations made against her by Stand Against Su have raised doubts about her qualifications to lead the agency.

Source: Townhall

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