Biden Pushes Affordable Internet Amid Falling Poll Numbers on Key Issues

President Joe Biden is facing some tough times as many people in the country are not happy with how he’s handling things like inflation, the border, and foreign policy. Polls show that the folks aren’t too thrilled about his work in these areas.

In an effort to turn attention elsewhere, the president has been talking a lot about getting money from Congress for a program that helps low-income families get internet access. This program, called the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), has been a big focus for Biden.

During a visit to North Carolina back in January, Biden praised the ACP. This program gives qualifying families $30 a month for internet, with families on tribal lands getting $75 a month. Biden wants all Americans to have affordable and reliable high-speed internet by 2030, saying it’s as important as when Franklin Roosevelt helped bring electricity to everyone.

Some folks, like North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, agree with Biden. Cooper thinks Congress should make funding the ACP a top priority because $30 a month can make a big difference for many families.

The ACP ran out of money in April, but 14 internet service providers have stepped up to offer similar programs for customers in need. The White House says President Biden is determined to help families keep getting affordable internet. They’ve got commitments from these providers to offer plans that cost $30 or less to low-income families until 2024.

Some people on the right, like Michael O’Rielly, believe funding the ACP is crucial. O’Rielly thinks that if Congress doesn’t act, over 15 million American households could suffer. He warns that this could hurt politicians in the 2024 election if they appear to be taking away help from those who need it.

It’s important for politicians to remember that taking services away from struggling families could have serious consequences. President Biden and Congress need to make sure programs like the ACP continue to help those who rely on them.

Written by Staff Reports

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