Biden Readies Veto on GOP Challenge to Title IX Rewrite

Once again, President Joe Biden stands poised with his pen, ready to wield yet another veto against the GOP-controlled House, this time over his eyebrow-raising Title IX rewrite. It seems Sleepy Joe can’t fathom why conservatives aren’t rolling out the red carpet for his radical redefinition antics.

The House will soon vote on H.J. Res. 165, which aims to put the brakes on a new Department of Education rule. This rule, unveiled by the Biden administration, takes great liberties with the word “sex” in Title IX, now including gender identity under its umbrella. The new policy essentially mandates that boys who identify as girls be treated as girls in every educational setting that gets federal dollars.

Despite determined attempts to paint this as a critical step in eliminating discrimination, Republicans have stood firm against it since its announcement in April. Judicial pushback has already blocked the rule’s enforcement in 14 states, highlighting the widespread opposition to Biden’s overreach.

The administration’s rhetoric insists that the new regulation is indispensable for preventing school discrimination. They argue that passing H.J. Res. 165 would dismantle protections, supposedly jeopardizing student safety and their potential. Yet, under these new standards, states that mandate biological boys to use boys’ restrooms could find themselves in violation of Title IX. The Biden brigade hasn’t yet cemented policies on transgender participation in women’s sports, but critics warn that these changes could strip young women of their private spaces like restrooms and locker rooms by allowing biological males in.

The Biden crew claims the rewrite is a shield for transgender students. They relentlessly advocate for what they dub equal opportunities, but these newfangled rules seem to prioritize a tiny minority’s preferences over the sanity and sanctity of schools across America.

Biden is already notorious for his prolific use of the veto, clocking in 12 so far—more than Trump managed in his entire term. None of Biden’s vetoes have been overturned by Congress yet, but while the Democrats cling to their fragile majority, the opposition remains vigilant. The question remains: will Biden’s crusade to redefine reality withstand the test of time, or is he setting himself up for yet another clash with the American mainstream?

Written by Staff Reports

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