Biden Risks US Safety, Cozies Up to Terrorists, Betrays Israel!

President Biden’s soft stance on Israel is putting national security at risk. The President’s decision to delay crucial munition shipments to Israel in a blatant attempt to hinder their efforts to eliminate the terrorist group Hamas is a dangerous move that endangers not only the Middle East but also the United States. By pressuring Israel to halt their defensive operations against Hamas, Biden is essentially supporting a known terrorist organization and putting the security of American allies at risk.

It’s clear that President Biden’s priorities are skewed when it comes to combating terrorism and protecting our allies. By delaying vital munition shipments to Israel, he is sending a message that appeasing terrorists is more important than standing with our allies in their fight against radical extremism. This decision will only embolden Hamas and other terrorist organizations, showing them that their actions will be met with leniency and not the full force of justice.

Furthermore, Biden’s concerning approach to the situation in Gaza is a dangerous signal to other U.S. allies around the world. If Israel can’t rely on the United States for support in their fight against terrorism, then who can? This hesitation to back our allies sends a message of weakness and uncertainty, undermining America’s position as a global leader in the war against terror.

It’s time for President Biden to prioritize the safety and security of our allies and take a strong, unwavering stance against terrorism. Supporting Israel in their fight against Hamas is not only a moral imperative, but a strategic one as well. The President must not waver in his commitment to standing with our allies and rooting out terrorism wherever it may arise.

Written by Staff Reports

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