Biden Scandal Heats Up: Dems Panic, Media Masters Gaslight Nation

The Biden family enrichment scandal is heating up, and the desperate spin and gaslighting from elected Democrats and their media lackeys is becoming more and more apparent. These so-called “guardians” of the truth can no longer brush off this scandal as a non-story. They’re flailing and it’s quite revealing.

First, let’s remember that Joe Biden vehemently denied any involvement with his family’s shady business dealings. But now, multiple accounts and witnesses with personal knowledge have confirmed that Joe Biden was directly linked to his son Hunter’s sketchy international business associates. The truth is finally coming to light, and even the sycophants can’t ignore it anymore.

Furthermore, other major claims made by Joe Biden during his presidential campaign, such as the laptop being Russian disinformation and Hunter not making money from China, have been proven false. The White House has conveniently shifted their narrative from “no conversations, ever” to the suggestion that Joe and Hunter were never “in business” together. While this may be harder to disprove, it’s clear that their lies are catching up with them.

The Democrats and their media allies are now attempting to use Joe Biden’s personal tragedies as a shield to deflect criticism. They argue that his grief over the death of his son Beau should excuse any ethical lapses or forgetfulness about dozens of meetings. This vile tactic of emotional blackmail seeks to demonize anyone daring to question Joe Biden’s questionable behavior. It’s disgusting to see them exploit a deceased family member for their own agenda. Not to mention, Joe Biden has a history of twisting the truth about his personal tragedies, raising doubts about his character and honesty.

Apologists for the Bidens are trying to downplay Hunter’s actions, claiming that he was merely selling the “illusion of access” to his father, not actual access. But when Joe Biden repeatedly answered those calls and boasted about Hunter’s close ties to powerful figures, it’s clear that this was no illusion—it was real access. Paying Hunter large sums of money bought influence and favors from his father. The alleged phone call influencing the firing of a prosecutor in Ukraine is not something that can be dismissed as small talk. It’s a serious allegation of bribery that deserves investigation.

Lastly, the confirmation by Devon Archer of the phone call between Hunter Biden, Burisma executives, and Joe Biden, which allegedly set in motion the firing of the prosecutor, corroborates the explosive bribery allegations made by a confidential FBI informant. This shakes the foundation of the Biden defense, yet the Left is trying to twist it into an exoneration. They even go as far as silencing IRS investigators who tried to pursue leads related to Joe Biden. Their shameless and desperate attempts to divert attention from the truth are all too apparent.

The smoke is billowing, and even the Democrats can’t ignore it. The Biden family enrichment scandal is a serious matter that demands a thorough investigation. The American people deserve to know the truth about their president and his family’s questionable actions. It’s time for accountability and transparency, not the desperate spin and gaslighting we’re witnessing from the Biden camp.

Written by Staff Reports

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