Biden Skates Free on Docs Scandal as Trump Roars Foul Play

Former President Donald Trump expressed his frustration and disbelief after learning that President Biden will reportedly not face criminal charges related to his handling of classified documents. Special counsel Robert Hur has been conducting a yearlong probe into the matter but is only expected to deliver a critical report on Mr. Biden’s handling of sensitive documents, rather than pursuing criminal charges.

In response to this news, Mr. Trump took to Truth Social to express his outrage, blasting the decision not to press charges against Mr. Biden as a clear example of a corrupt justice system. The former president contrasted this outcome with his own legal troubles in Florida, where he is facing charges for mishandling classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago estate. He denounced the lack of charges against Mr. Biden as “selective prosecution” and “prosecutorial misconduct.”

The probe into President Biden’s handling of classified documents began in January, following the appointment of Mr. Hur. The investigation focused on documents discovered from Mr. Biden’s time as vice president, found in both his former office in Washington and his residence in Wilmington, Delaware. Mr. Hur’s team initially aimed to complete the report by the end of the year, but this timeline might be subject to change.

In early October, Mr. Biden was interviewed by Mr. Hur as part of the probe. The president has consistently maintained that he was surprised by the presence of the documents in his office and has steadfastly denied any wrongdoing.

It is clear that President Biden’s exoneration in the classified documents probe has sparked outrage and disbelief among those who see it as a stark example of political favoritism and double standards in the justice system. The contrast with Mr. Trump’s own legal woes only serves to fuel the perception of an unequal application of the law.

Written by Staff Reports

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