Biden Slammed as “Cafeteria Catholic” by Archbishop!

President Joe Biden faced harsh criticism from Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Washington D.C., who didn’t hold back in calling out the president’s selective approach to Catholic teachings. Archbishop Gregory dubbed Biden a “cafeteria Catholic” for cherry-picking which aspects of the faith he wants to follow, while conveniently brushing off others. As a conservative republican writer, it’s refreshing to see a prominent figure within the Catholic Church speaking out against Biden’s hypocrisy.

Biden’s administration further irked conservatives by declaring the “Transgender Day of Visibility,” a move seen as an affront to Christian values. Supporters of traditional Catholic beliefs, including the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman and the sanctity of life, have long criticized Biden for his pro-choice stance on abortion and his support for same-sex marriage. It’s no wonder many view him as a “fake” Catholic when his actions continually contradict the teachings of the Church.

The Trump campaign didn’t hold back either, denouncing the Biden White House’s decision to label Easter Sunday as the “Trans Day of Visibility.” In a move that many considered a slap in the face to Christians, children were prohibited from submitting Easter egg designs with religious themes during the White House’s art event. As a conservative writer, it’s troubling to see a lack of respect for Christian traditions and values in the highest levels of government.

The exclusion of religious symbolism and themes at the White House event reinforces the perception that the Biden administration is out of touch with the sentiments of millions of Catholics and Christians across the country. The decision to prioritize secular themes over religious ones only adds fuel to the fire of those who believe that the current administration is waging a war on traditional values and faith. As a conservative republican, I stand with Archbishop Gregory and all those who are standing up against the erosion of Christian beliefs and values in our society.

Written by Staff Reports

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