Biden Smirks as Reporters Booted: WH’s Unprofessional Move Silences Press!

Joe Biden has once again shown his disrespect and contempt for the press. In a recent meeting with the Prime Minister of Denmark, reporters attempted to ask questions, but the White House prevented them and attempted to remove them from the room. Biden smirked and avoided answering any questions, even laughing at one reporter who persisted.

This behavior towards the press is nothing new for Biden. He has laughed at and treated reporters badly in the past, including at a meeting with the Spanish Prime Minister and during the election campaign. Despite this, the White House has recently announced new rules that could exclude reporters who do not act “in a professional manner” from press briefings. This seems like an attempt to kick out independent reporters who might ask the tough questions.

It’s outrageous that Biden is treated with such leniency by the White House Correspondents Association. He’s the one treating the press like dirt, mocking them, and laughing at them. These new rules are nothing more than an attempt to block those who might put some pressure on Biden, and they are a threat to the First Amendment. It’s a disgrace that the President of the United States is allowed to behave in such a way towards the press while facing no consequences.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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