Biden Snubs Supreme Court, Plows Ahead with Student Loan Forgiveness!

In a display of complete disregard for the Supreme Court’s ruling, President Joe Biden announced this week that he is pushing ahead with a new version of his plan to burden hardworking taxpayers with student loan debt. Democrats, who were outraged when the Supreme Court struck down Biden’s initial plan, seem to have no problem with him trying again. It’s almost as if they don’t care about the law or the will of the American people.

Biden claims that his “administration is doing everything we can” to address student debt, but his actions speak louder than his empty words. According to the Associated Press, the president outlined elements of his proposal in the comfort of the White House’s Roosevelt Room. It’s easy to make grand promises when you’re surrounded by luxury.

While Biden argues that a college degree is still the ticket to a better life, he conveniently ignores the fact that this “ticket” has become outrageously expensive. Americans are being forced to take on unsustainable debt in order to obtain an education. This is not the solution. Instead of burdening future generations with more debt, we should be focusing on lowering the cost of education and promoting alternatives to four-year degrees.

Despite the Supreme Court’s ruling, the Biden administration has already offloaded a staggering $127 billion of student debt onto the public purse. And now, an additional $9 billion worth of debt relief will be made available to 125,000 borrowers. It’s clear that Biden cares more about appealing to his base than he does about fiscal responsibility. These policies only serve to further inflate our national debt.

While Biden is busy patting himself on the back for his supposed generosity, he conveniently ignores the fact that 45 million student loan borrowers are now being forced to resume making payments. These hardworking individuals had been given a temporary reprieve due to the pandemic but are now being saddled with even more financial burdens. This is not the relief they were promised.

One borrower, Domonique Byers, spoke to NBC News about the overwhelming financial strain she now faces. She has been forced to put bills on credit cards and feels suffocated by the prospect of resuming student loan payments. It’s clear that Biden’s actions do not match his rhetoric. His plans only serve to further burden the American people and stifle their economic prosperity. It’s time for a new approach that prioritizes individual responsibility and fiscal prudence.

Written by Staff Reports

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