Biden Stumbles, Conservatives Say Told You So

Conservatives always knew it, but now the evidence is plain for all to see: Conservatives are not only smarter but also funnier, more articulate, less racist, and far better informed than their leftist counterparts. And if you’ve caught Joe Biden’s latest performance, you can see why this isn’t just partisan banter but an undeniable fact.

Take Biden’s latest escapade during the first presidential debate on June 27. The man practically sleepwalked through it. This wasn’t just a bad night—it was an “Emperor’s New Clothes” moment on the world stage. Everyone from coast to coast saw the President’s cognitive decline on full display. Conservatives, who’ve been on the ball, saw this coming from miles away. This debate was just the icing on a disastrous cake that Biden has been baking for years with his series of gaffes, misstatements, and verbal mishaps.

While conservatives had their popcorn out, watching this spectacle, the leftists were finally lifting their heads out of the sand. The liberal media, having defended Biden with the tenacity of a loyal butler, suddenly seemed shocked. One CNN host, Jake Tapper—a staunch critic of former President Trump—couldn’t fathom why Biden was struggling to string words together. Have these guys been living under a rock? It seems like anyone who the Democrat boot hasn’t smitten has long known that Biden’s days of coherent speech are long gone.

Tapper’s bewilderment continued when he tried to read a Biden statement, only to struggle himself. After revealing a CNN poll showing that 72 percent of voters think Biden is too old for the job, Tapper attempted to pin this realization on “Democratic elites” being ignorant. Here’s a hot take, Jake: conservatives figured this out ages ago. But liberals? They needed a televised debate disaster to wake up.

CNN tried to spin this in their usual fashion, but even their attempts could have been better. Tapper switched to a clip of Biden awkwardly rambling with MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. In an embarrassed tirade, Biden lamented his poor debate performance and attempted to deflect concerns about his age with an incoherent rant. This was the best reassurance the Democrats could muster. Irony, thy name is CNN.

As Tapper tried to decipher Biden’s mumbling, it became clear that both Biden’s inner circle and their media lackeys were in complete denial. The reality is conservatives have been calling this out for years while the liberal media continued their condescending charade. Well, the jig is up. Tapper’s belated epiphany says more about mainstream media’s blind allegiance than it does Biden’s shortcomings.

So, what’s the takeaway here? Conservatives have always been sharper, funnier, and more in tune with reality, while leftists bumble through their curated ignorance. Biden’s latest debate only confirmed what smart folks on the right have always known. The liberal media can scramble all they want, but their late-to-the-party shock should make every American rethink who really has their best interests at heart.

Written by Staff Reports

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