Biden Stumbles Off Stage, Jill Steps In as Handler During Debate Disaster

It looks like Sleepy Joe needs a new handler. After a debate performance that can only be described as catastrophic, President Joe Biden needed his wife, Jill, to guide him off the stage like a lost child. The video evidence making the rounds on social media is enough to make even the most optimistic Democrat wonder if the old man’s grasp on reality is slipping faster than the Dow on a bad day.

The incident unfolded at CNN’s Atlanta headquarters, moderated by none other than the left’s dynamic duo, Jake Tapper and Dana Bash. Adding yet another layer to the spectacle, First Lady Jill Biden was caught on camera practically dragging her husband off a small set of steps on the podium. Just picture it: the so-called leader of the free world, quite literally unable to get off the stage without a chaperone.

Conservative commentator Greg Price couldn’t resist sharing the video, calling the situation exactly what it is: insane. Social media erupted, starkly contrasting Biden’s frail exit and former President Trump’s commanding departure from the stage. Trump looked like he just finished a morning jog; Biden looked like he needed a nap.

Comments flew like arrows, many targeting Jill Biden for what some call “elder abuse.” It’s tough to argue with that sentiment when the President of the United States appears so visibly disoriented and physically feeble. Jill Biden should be ashamed for letting her husband face such public humiliation, according to a flood of reactions online.

This isn’t just a bad look for Biden; it’s a national security issue. Showing this level of weakness on the world stage is a gift to America’s enemies. The Democrats have 7 more months of this before any change might be possible, and America’s adversaries are certainly taking notes. The evening’s debate performance was an unequivocal disaster, further eroding Biden’s already plummeting poll numbers.

Let’s not sugarcoat it: the president’s mental lapses are more than just fodder for memes. They present a significant risk to national and global stability. The man who’s supposed to lead the free world can barely lead himself off a stage, and that’s no laughing matter.

In the battle between strength and frailty, Biden is coming up short. Terminally short. It’s time the American people started asking some hard questions about who’s really pulling the strings in this administration. Because if Thursday night was any indication, it sure isn’t Joe Biden.

Written by Staff Reports

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