Biden, Trump Set for Epic 2024 Debate Showdown Outside Usual Commission

President Biden and former President Trump have agreed to participate in a debate, marking their first one-on-one encounter since the 2020 election. This agreement, made through social media, bypasses the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates, which has organized these events since 1988.

Biden’s team has proposed two debates, scheduled for June 27 and September 10, to be hosted by news organizations. They requested that these debates take place in a television studio without a live audience and with technological measures to prevent interruptions and crosstalk. 


Trump accepted the challenge, expressing his willingness to debate on the proposed dates in June and September. He also suggested having more than two debates and holding them in large venues. Despite the conditions set by Biden’s team, Trump has indicated his readiness to participate.

The upcoming debates have generated considerable anticipation, with Trump eager to confront Biden once more. While Biden appears enthusiastic about the debates, there may be underlying anxiety within his camp as the events approach.

The conditions set by Biden’s team aim to present Biden in the most favorable light. By hosting the debates with a major television network instead of the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates, there is a higher chance of having a sympathetic moderator from a mainstream news channel. Additionally, the absence of a live audience reduces potential distractions for Biden.

The outcome of these debates remains uncertain, but both candidates have demonstrated their willingness to engage in direct confrontation. As the events draw nearer, the political landscape will likely be shaped by this highly anticipated clash.

Written by Staff Reports

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