Biden Tweaks Rules to Camouflage Econ Failings!

The liberal elites are at it again, trying to change the rules to benefit themselves and cover up their economic failures. The Biden administration just can’t handle the reality that their economic policies are tanking, so what do they do? They change the rules to give themselves an unfair advantage in spinning the economic data.

The latest move by the Biden administration is to allow White House officials to comment on economic data just a half-hour after it’s released. That means they can try to manipulate the markets and hoodwink the American people before anyone else can even react. It’s like they’re trying to pull a fast one on all of us hardworking Americans.

Thankfully, we’ve got the real experts like John Carney and Larry Kudlow, who are not afraid to call out the Biden administration’s shenanigans. They understand the intricacies of the economy and won’t be fooled by the White House’s attempts to paint a rosy picture of the disastrous economic situation.

And let’s not forget about Kevin O’Leary and Kevin Hassett, who both understand that this rule change is just a desperate attempt to salvage the sinking ship of Biden’s economic policies. Even Hassett, a former Trump administration official, sees right through the White House’s scheme and supports the rule change only because he knows it will be beneficial if Trump gets re-elected.

Kudlow and Hassett know that the American people deserve the truth, not some sugar-coated version of the economic reality. They’re not afraid to say what needs to be said, even if it ruffles some feathers in the White House. We need more voices like theirs to keep the government in check and ensure that the economic data is accurately and honestly portrayed.

So, kudos to the real economic experts who see through the Biden administration’s charade. Let’s hope that their voices continue to be heard loud and clear, so the American people don’t fall for the White House’s attempt to spin the economic news in their favor.

Written by Staff Reports

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