Biden’s 2024 SOS: Calls Obama to Rescue Sinking Campaign

President Joe Biden’s struggling 2024 election campaign is resorting to desperate measures, including seeking the help of former President Barack Obama. It seems like Biden’s team is willing to call in old friends for a boost, as confirmed by a recent tweet from Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff. In this tweet, Emhoff teased voters with the possibility of meeting Obama, indicating that he could be a key ally in Biden’s reelection campaign.

Interestingly, Obama himself had reportedly doubted Biden’s ability to handle things well, stating before the 2020 election, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.” It’s quite ironic that now Biden is seeking Obama’s support to salvage his failing campaign.

This move comes as no surprise, given the abysmal polling numbers for both Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. The Democratic Party is clearly in need of heavy hitters to energize their lackluster voter base before the next election.

Emhoff’s tweet, although primarily a fundraising gimmick, offers people the chance to click a link and donate to the Biden Victory Fund on ActBlue for a shot at meeting Biden and Obama. It’s worth noting that last week, Obama pledged to do whatever it takes to help Biden secure victory in 2024 during a luncheon meeting at the White House. He also warned Biden about the power of former President Donald Trump within the Republican Party, asserting that he remains a formidable opponent.

Obama’s Senior Adviser, Eric Schultz, emphasized the campaign’s efforts to reach new audiences and employ tools directly linked to voter mobilization and volunteer activations. It seems like they are grasping at straws to try and connect with disengaged voters.

To add to the Biden campaign’s woes, they must contend with not only Trump and emerging GOP candidates but also the rising popularity of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Although the White House and Democratic operatives have downplayed Kennedy’s prominence, he has been making significant gains in the polls, particularly among independent voters. This poses yet another obstacle for Biden’s already faltering campaign.

Only time will tell if Obama’s influence and support will be enough to revitalize Biden’s dwindling base of supporters. However, with new players entering the race and a continuous decline in the polls, things are looking far from promising for the Biden 2024 team. It’s clear that they are scrambling for strategies to salvage their sinking ship.

Written by Staff Reports

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