Biden’s $5M Bribe Scandal: FBI Hands Over Damning Document

FBI Director Christopher Wray has finally surrendered the document that links President Biden with a foreign national in a $5 million bribery scheme. Wray caved after Oversight Committee Chair James Comer threatened to hold the FBI in contempt of Congress.

The FD-1023 document will be reviewed by lawmakers from both parties on Monday, and it’s expected to have significant implications for the Biden administration and the FBI. It might expose a scandalous episode, and further highlight concerns over the FBI’s partisanship, which Sen. Chuck Grassley previously emphasized in a recent interview.

Grassley, who has seen the document, is adamant about allowing others to see it as well. He has not confirmed whether the document provides concrete evidence of Biden’s supposed illegal activities, but he has stressed the importance of a thorough FBI investigation.

This development highlights the shift in power dynamics brought about by the Republican majority in Congress. One of their promises was to ensure the Biden administration, particularly its cabinet, complied with congressional oversight. Of course, nobody wants to be held in contempt of Congress, so it’s logical for Wray to cave to their demands.

This episode also underscores the FBI’s political bias, previously shown in their investigations into the email scandal involving Hillary Clinton and the Durham report.

In short, the FBI’s decision to yield to congressional pressure is a positive development for the American people. They deserve transparency in their government’s dealings, and we must hope that the FBI’s investigation into this bribery scandal will be thorough and hold all parties accountable. Otherwise, we’re just left with more swampy politics as usual.

Written by Staff Reports

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