Biden’s “Booming” Economy: Inflation Nightmare & White House Fairy Tales

Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre’s claims of a “successful” Biden economy are as believable as a unicorn riding a flying pig. Sure, she may have trouble answering the simplest of questions, like why Americans aren’t buying into her fairy tales, but that’s to be expected when your job is to spin and deceive.

Let’s talk about the real numbers, shall we? Under President Trump’s leadership, inflation was a mere 0.7 percent. That’s practically pocket change compared to the current near 4 percent inflation rate. Everyday essentials like household items, energy, and even food have become unaffordable luxuries thanks to the Biden administration’s reckless policies.

According to Bloomberg, US consumers are facing a burden like never before. It now takes a whopping $119.27 to buy what used to cost $100 before the pandemic. That’s like going to the grocery store and finding out your bill is suddenly 25% higher than in January 2020. It’s like paying substantially more for electricity, car insurance, and rent. It’s a never-ending parade of rising costs that leaves hardworking Americans struggling to make ends meet.

But hey, let’s not mention any of this to the White House. They’re too busy peddling the narrative that Republicans want to defund roads. Yes, you heard that right. While inflation eats away at Americans’ wallets, President Biden and his team are insinuating that defunding infrastructure projects is the real GOP agenda. Talk about a masterclass in political gaslighting.

The truth is, Republicans understand the importance of investing in our country’s infrastructure, but they also believe in responsible spending and not burdening future generations with unnecessary debt. It’s called fiscal conservatism, something the current administration seems to have forgotten.

So, while the Biden team tries to convince us that the sky is green and the grass is blue, the American people are left to deal with the harsh realities of a stagnant economy and skyrocketing costs. It’s time for some honesty and accountability, not delusions and finger-pointing.


Written by Staff Reports

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