Biden’s Border Betrayal: Secret Mexico Deal Spikes Illegal Entry!

President Joe Biden has proclaimed a tough stance on border control, but recent revelations have exposed secret agreements between his administration and Mexico's President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. The truth is out: Biden's purported encouragement has resulted in a significant surge in illegal migrant entries.

What's even more troubling is the nature of the deal. It permitted Mexico to impede the migration of numerous Latino women and children, forcibly removing them from roads and railways. Mexico's federal government launched an extensive domestic anti-illegal immigration campaign, diverting tens of thousands of migrants to its southern states and resorting to harsh or violent measures to prevent them from reaching the United States.

The impact of this clandestine arrangement has been profound. Despite Biden's assertion that he lacks the authority to stem the influx without legislative changes by Congress, there has been a substantial decrease in total migrant arrivals, with a 26% decline from December to January. The number of migrants apprehended by border patrol while crossing the border dropped by half, underscoring the significant reduction facilitated by Mexico's actions.

Nevertheless, Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden's border chief known for his pro-migration stance, has overseen the admission of over 204,000 Mexican migrants into the United States since October 2023. This figure surged to 57,000 in December before slightly decreasing to 47,000 in January. Adding insult to injury, many of these migrants are granted entry under a quasi-legal "parole" program established by Mayorkas.

But the fallout extends beyond mere statistics. Biden's election-year pact with Mexico has resulted in the targeting of Central American families and has diverted attention away from the struggles facing American communities, including the rise of "deaths of despair" among marginalized Americans.

The economic ramifications of this policy are deeply unpopular and serve to distract policymakers from addressing genuine issues affecting Americans. The Biden administration's actions, coupled with Mexico's collaboration, have left American families and workers feeling neglected and vulnerable.

The evidence is undeniable: Biden's border crisis persists, with Mexican officials exacerbating the surge of illegal migrants into the United States. It's imperative for the American people to demand accountability from the Biden administration and put an end to this chaotic border situation once and for all.





Written by Staff Reports

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