Biden’s Border Blowup: Texas Stands Firm Against Fed Fury

The Biden Administration is once again butting heads with the Lone Star State over border enforcement, and this time they’ve sent a cease-and-desist letter to Texas to try to flex their federal muscle. The drama started when Texas officials took charge of Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, a spot that’s been transformed into a prime spot for illegal aliens to gather before sneaking into the country. Texas is arguing that Border Patrol agents are basically giving the green light for illegal immigration, so they swooped in and took over the park.

But it doesn’t end there! Governor Greg Abbott is really giving the Biden Administration a run for their money by sending in hundreds of law enforcement and national guard personnel under Operation Lonestar. And get this, Texas just passed a new law that allows them to arrest illegal aliens and even kick them out of the country. Of course, the Biden Administration is having none of it and is throwing a fit, claiming that Texas has no right to enforce their own laws.

The Department of Homeland Security’s big-shot lawyer, Jonathan Meyer, even took the time to send a strongly worded letter to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, claiming that Operation Lonestar is not only illegal, but also putting the lives of border crossers in danger. Talk about drama! Meyer is basically saying that Texas is getting in the way of the big, bad federal government’s border patrol duties, and that they need to stop immediately.

Meyer even brought up a tragic incident where a woman and two children drowned in the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass and suggested that Texas was to blame. But Texas is clapping back, saying that Border Patrol was actually alerted to the incident by Mexican authorities and that they were already on the scene when the bodies were found. The State’s Military Department said that Border Patrol specifically asked for entry to chase after potential witnesses to the incident, but the feds just won’t listen.

For their part, the White House is throwing around words like “cruel,” “inhumane,” and “dangerous” when it comes to Governor Abbott’s border tactics. They’re really trying to make Texas out to be the bad guy here! But Abbott isn’t fazed. Nope, he’s standing his ground and is determined to keep Operation Lonestar going strong. In fact, he’s even got a new law in the works that will let Texas detain illegal aliens and deport them, which goes against the Biden Administration’s whole “catch and release” deal.

Texas has also put up barriers in the Eagle Pass area, and the Biden Administration is not happy about it. The feds and Texas have been going back and forth with lawsuits over it, but Texas is not budging on their mission to protect their border. It looks like this showdown isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Written by Staff Reports

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