Biden’s Border Blunders Rejected by Voters, 60% Slam Open Gate Chaos!

Liberals are at it again, causing havoc with their open border policies! A whopping 60% of voters are not having any of President Biden’s border shenanigans, and a solid 46% of them are vehemently against his latest scheme. That’s a pretty big chunk of the population saying, “Nah, we don’t want this.”

According to a recent Rasmussen Reports survey, it’s not just conservatives who are fed up with the administration’s plan to let migrants fly themselves into 43 mysterious cities across the nation. Independent voters, who are crucial for any election, are also not on board with this nonsense. And surprise, surprise—Democrats are divided on the issue, with 39% opposed and 38% in favor. Looks like the liberal unity is starting to crumble.

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) found that over 300,000 immigrants from Latin America have already flown into these 43 U.S. cities due to Biden’s border program, but guess what? The administration won’t even tell us where these cities are! It’s like a secret mission, except it’s not exciting—it’s just nerve-wracking. The program, called CBP One, lets illegal immigrants use an app to get pre-approved entry into the United States, which is just plain ridiculous. They might as well roll out the red carpet for anyone and everyone.

Rasmussen, known for slightly favoring Democrats in their polls, asked voters about the Biden administration’s international flights program for illegal immigrants, and boy, did they not hold back. Only 25% approved of the program, while a whopping 60% said, “Um, no thanks, we’re not into this.”

And if you thought the border policies couldn’t get any worse, think again. When asked to rate Biden’s handling of the crisis, a meager 28% thought he was doing a good to excellent job. The overwhelming majority, a whopping 70%, rated his performance as fair to poor, with 53% straight up saying it was “poor.” Ouch. Looks like President Biden might need to rethink his border strategies—unless he wants to see those disapproval numbers keep soaring.

Written by Staff Reports

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