Biden’s Border Order Criticized as Election Stunt by Republicans

Joe Biden, the current president and leader of the Democrat party, recently issued an executive order to limit asylum at the border located in the southern part of the United States. This new rule is being hailed as Biden’s first major decision regarding the ongoing border issues that have plagued his term so far. Many people, especially conservatives like Republicans, are criticizing Biden for what they are calling a mere political move to gain popularity before the upcoming election.

Critics from the Republican party, including Senator John Kennedy from Louisiana, have expressed their disappointment in Biden’s timing, claiming that this action comes too little, too late. Kennedy even compared Biden’s popularity to that of a fungal infection, showing how unimpressed he is with the president’s sudden change in policy. The new rule will see asylum being limited only when the daily number of encounters exceeds 2,500 for a week, and the border will reopen once the number falls below 1,500 per day.

It is worth noting that with current statistics showing daily encounters soaring above 5,000, the border could be sealed off immediately. This drastic shift in Biden’s stance on immigration comes after he spent a considerable amount of time ignoring the crisis caused by his lenient immigration policies. In a recent address, Biden blamed the Republicans for hindering his efforts to address the border situation, claiming that they rejected his proposed immigration bill.

By using a stringent immigration power under the Immigration Nationality Act, specifically Section 212(f), Biden is resorting to a measure previously employed by former President Donald Trump. The American Civil Liberties Union, known for challenging Trump on immigration matters, has already promised to take legal action against Biden for his new directive. Despite attempting to distance himself from Trump’s tough immigration approach, Biden continues to face skepticism from both sides of the political spectrum.

Republicans argue that Biden’s sudden change in strategy indicates that he had the capability all along to resolve the border crisis but chose not to act until the upcoming election forced his hand. House Speaker Mike Johnson, a prominent Republican figure, has accused Biden of deliberately creating the chaos at the border in the first place. Conservatives are critical of what they see as a lack of genuine concern from Biden for the security and well-being of the nation, viewing his recent actions as nothing more than a strategic maneuver to boost his political standing.

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