Biden’s Brain Takes a Vacation During Cringe-Economic Speech!

In an embarrassing and mock-worthy speech on “Bidenomics,” President Joe Biden’s brain seemed to be on vacation as well. On Labor Day, instead of taking a break like most hardworking Americans, Biden showed up in Philadelphia to boast about his economic record, which includes skyrocketing grocery prices and unaffordable housing. It’s truly impressive how proud he is of his abject failure.

Biden has the audacity to claim that “it’s working” while mortgage rates approach a staggering eight percent, making homeownership an unattainable dream for most Americans. He also shouts that “it’s working” as the cost of groceries outpaces wage gains and gas prices creep closer to four dollars a gallon. Well, if “it’s working” means a swift kick to the face, then yes, it’s definitely working. Despite these disastrous economic results, Biden has also managed to blow up the national debt. You would think that all that government spending would at least improve something, but nope, we’re getting the worst of both worlds.

Even Biden’s claim that he’s cutting the deficit is a lie. The national debt has exploded under his administration, and the deficit is still astronomically higher than pre-pandemic levels. The money from the American Rescue Act has already run out, and at this rate, it’s not just our grandkids who will be left holding the bag, it’s middle-aged Americans too. It’s no wonder Americans are struggling, considering our president can’t even remember which state he served for 36 years. Did Pennsylvania bus ballots over to Delaware? It doesn’t make sense for him to credit Philadelphia for his Senate career, and whenever Biden says, “That’s not a joke,” you can be sure he’s saying something nonsensical or untrue.

But it doesn’t stop there. During his speech, Biden also forgot what year he was inaugurated. No big deal, right? It’s fine that many Americans are struggling to make ends meet while our president can’t even remember when he took the oath of office. I’m sure everything will magically work out. In reality, it’s only going to get worse, and Republicans who seem determined to lose to an invalid should take some blame for that.

Written by Staff Reports

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