Biden’s Climate Plan Risks US Power Grid: FERC Warns Catastrophe

The Biden administration has once again shown its disregard for common sense and the well-being of the American people with its new “climate” regulations targeting power plants. These draconian rules would force power plants to lower their carbon emissions by a whopping 90 percent, an unrealistic goal that would inevitably lead to the closure of most fossil fuel plants. It’s no secret that these plants are the backbone of our nation’s electricity supply, accounting for a staggering 60 percent, while solar and wind only contribute a measly 14 percent.

Senator John Barrasso, a Republican from Wyoming, rightly pointed out the potential catastrophe that awaits us if Biden’s plan goes forward. He expressed concern that the administration is retiring current energy sources at a much faster rate than new and reliable renewable energy sources can be brought online. It’s like tearing down a bridge before building a new one – a recipe for disaster.

Even the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has been dragged into this mess, with Senators Barrasso and Shelley Moore Capito calling on the agency to evaluate the impact of Biden’s plan. FERC Commissioner James Danly went so far as to warn of a “catastrophic reliability event” if these regulations are implemented. But does the Biden administration care? Not a chance.

EPA Administrator Michael Regan shamelessly lauded these new rules, claiming that the proposed benefits to public health and the environment would be tremendous. I’m sorry, but since when did shutting down power plants and leaving millions of Americans without a stable power supply become good for public health?

Let’s not forget that the Supreme Court has already rebuffed Biden’s heavy-handed approach in the past. The court made it clear that the president can’t simply flick a switch and shut down power plants overnight. Yet, that’s exactly what would happen if these new rules were allowed to take effect.

But this is all part of Biden’s larger agenda – a radical, reckless, and premature push towards a so-called green economy. He’s using the pretext of environmental regulation to force us into a technological transition that we’re just not ready for. It’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, except this time, it’s our economy and livelihoods on the line.

If Biden’s plan goes through, just add a constant power supply to the growing list of casualties caused by his revolutionary agenda. We already have Third World-esque elections and a weaponized justice system, so why not throw in the occasional power outage to complete the picture? Who needs reliable electricity anyway? It’s all worth it in the pursuit of Biden’s grand vision, right? Wrong. It’s time to prioritize the needs and well-being of the American people over the radical fantasies of the Biden administration.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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