Biden’s Creepy Hair-Sniff Saga Continues: Uncomfortable Baby Edition

This time, it was with a baby who was clearly unhappy with President Joe Biden's invasive hugging and hair-sniffing. The president was leaving Finland when the incident happened. He had been at the Nordic Summit, where he was said to have talked about helping Ukraine in its fight against Russia. But instead of focused on important things, President Biden couldn't help stopping to meet a mother and her baby with blonde hair.

Biden blew raspberries on the child's back, which was so creepy that the girl covered her head and moved away from the 80-year-old president. This is just one of a number of strange encounters that have been well-documented in other places. It seems like Biden's signature move is smelling hair.

The president's obsession with tasting hair came to light during the 2020 campaign, thanks to the work of former President Donald Trump. Recently, Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert from Colorado said that Biden "sniffs little girls' hair." Even worse, Biden tried to explain himself by talking about his past friendship with actress Eva Longoria, saying, "She was 17, I was 40." President Biden's actions are clearly wrong, and his excuses only make things worse.

Tara Reade, who worked for Biden when he was in the U.S. Senate, says that the president has crossed the line into sexual abuse. Reade, who, interestingly enough, has moved to Russia, was upset that the media didn't take her claims seriously. It's worrying that Congress hasn't taken these claims seriously yet and is choosing to ignore such serious accusations against the president.

Biden's "creepy uncle" behavior is starting to have an effect. His poll numbers are going down among key groups, and in a head-to-head fight, President Trump is getting ahead. Most Americans don't want Biden to run for a second term because they think he's too old to lead. Even Stephan A. Smith, a former friend and famous person, has questions about what President Biden can do. Suburban women, who have always been strong supporters of the Democrats, are now pulled between Biden's awkward interactions and the possibility of a more calm candidate.

It's still not clear if President Biden will be able to move on from these awkward situations. He may find it hard to win back the trust of the American people, especially when he does things that are wrong or make people feel bad. The next election will depend a lot on women in the suburbs, and Biden's future is in doubt.

Written by Staff Reports

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