Biden’s Debate Flop Fuels Comedy and Crisis for Poll Numbers

Thursday’s abysmal debate performance from President Joe Biden will likely serve as a comedy fodder reel for years to come, if he even remembers it tomorrow. The spectacle continues to haunt him this week as he scrambles to salvage his sagging poll numbers.

Knowing they had a disaster on their hands, Biden’s team tried to flip the script on Monday, desperately attempting to divert attention from the president’s cognitive decline. They put out an ad claiming that while Biden fumbled, at least he wasn’t lying—now there’s a stretch if ever there was one.


The ad features Biden rambling on at a North Carolina rally: Yes, he’s not a spring chicken, he knows right from wrong, and he tells the truth. For good measure, they threw in claims about Trump’s supposed lies during the debate. Ironically, even the left-leaning fact-checkers at CNN had to admit Biden was stretching the truth thin in his debate performance.

What comes next is a beautifully orchestrated irony. The ad itself was riddled with inaccuracies. Biden regurgitated the exhausted “fine people” hoax and the downright preposterous “bloodbath” narrative to attack Trump’s character. And let’s not even start on Biden’s economic delusions, painting himself as some job-creating messiah post-pandemic—it’s almost Shakespearean in its tragicomic inventiveness.

A well-known social media commentator pointed out that Biden’s narrative about Jan. 6 was also a fallacy. Trump did tell his supporters to remain peaceful and to respect law enforcement. For a president supposedly so adept at recognizing truth, Biden sure seems to have a lot of imaginative takes on recent history.

The American public isn’t as easily duped as Biden’s team might hope. The fallout from his disastrous debate has caused even more Americans to wake up to Biden’s persistent and misleading claims. If this trend continues, Biden might be well on his way to making a permanent exit from the political stage.

Written by Staff Reports

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