Biden’s Expose: Houthis Are Terrorists, Admits Error

President Joe Biden has finally come clean about the true nature of the Iran-backed Houthis, admitting that they are indeed “terrorists.” This comes after Biden shamefully overturned former President Trump’s designation of the Houthis as terrorists, a move that gave the group free rein to wreak havoc and chaos.

In a press briefing, a reporter bravely asked Biden if he was willing to call the Houthis a terrorist group, to which Biden reluctantly replied, “I think they are.” Well, duh! It’s about time Biden faced the music and acknowledged what everyone else already knew.

Let’s not forget that it was in February 2021 when Biden shamefully reversed Trump’s designation of the Houthis as terrorists, a decision that essentially rolled out the red carpet for the Houthis to continue their reign of terror. This move not only put Yemeni civilians at risk but also hindered negotiations with a group that has been locked in a vicious war with our friend, Saudi Arabia.

Former Trump Pentagon chief of staff Kash Patel called out Biden’s reckless decision, emphasizing the importance of designating the Houthis as terrorists in order to cut off their funding and prevent further attacks. Patel pointed out that by removing the terrorist designation, the Biden administration essentially handed the Houthis access to the global banking system, free travel, and the ability to conduct business with our allies. In other words, they were given a free pass to cause mayhem.

The Houthis have wasted no time in taking advantage of Biden’s weak stance, firing missiles and sending attack drones at U.S. military and commercial warships in the Red Sea. They have even had the audacity to claim these attacks were in retaliation for the Israeli offensive against Hamas. This terrorist group has attacked ships a staggering 26 times since November, and what has Biden done about it? Not nearly enough.

After numerous provocations, Biden finally ordered strikes against Houthi targets in an attempt to put a stop to their relentless aggression. However, it shouldn’t have taken this long for him to take decisive action against a group that has been posing a significant threat to our national security and that of our allies.

When questioned about potential future strikes, Biden’s response was underwhelming, to say the least. He claimed to have put together a group of nations that would respond if the Houthis continued their heinous behavior, but we all know that actions speak louder than empty promises.

In light of the recent Houthi attack on a U.S. Navy destroyer, Biden’s feeble attempt at dealing with the terrorist group is simply not cutting it. It’s high time for the Biden administration to stop dancing around the issue and re-designate the Houthis as the terrorists they are. The safety and security of our nation and our allies depend on it.

Written by Staff Reports

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