Biden’s Fundraising Flop: Trump Crushes Him with $154M Haul! #CashKingTrump #FundraisingPowerhouse

The Biden campaign just couldn’t keep up with the Big Bad Trump train when it came to fundraising in the fourth quarter of 2023. While Sleepy Joe and his allies are patting themselves on the back for raising a measly $97 million, the Trump campaign was laughing all the way to the bank with a whopping $154 million! That’s right, folks, Trump knows how to rake in the dough.

But wait, it gets even better. Biden might have had $117 million in the bank at the end of the quarter, but Trump had a staggering $195 million! That’s more money than Joe can even comprehend. It’s no wonder the Democrats are always pushing for higher taxes – they need every penny they can get to keep up with the fundraising machine that is the Trump campaign.

And let’s not forget about inflation, folks. While Biden and his buddies are busy bragging about their fundraising numbers, they seem to conveniently forget that a dollar today is worth 20% less than it was in January 2020. That means Trump’s $154 million is actually worth a whole lot more than Biden’s $97 million. It’s simple math, people.

But it’s not just the fundraising numbers that should have Biden worried. Polls show that Americans are not happy with his handling of inflation. A December poll found that only 28% of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of inflation, and his overall job approval rating is at an all-time low. It’s clear that the American people are getting tired of Biden’s incompetence and they’re ready for a change.

But despite all of this, Biden’s campaign wants you to believe that they are the ones with grassroots support. They claim to have received donations from 520,000 unique donors. Well, let me tell you something, folks. It’s not just the little guys who are donating to Sleepy Joe. The Biden campaign raised over $15 million in one weekend of fundraisers in wealthy neighborhoods of Los Angeles. That’s right, Hollywood elites and the wealthiest zip codes in the country are lining Biden’s pockets. Does that sound like grassroots support to you? I didn’t think so.

While Sleepy Joe is busy rubbing elbows with Hollywood celebrities, the Trump campaign is gearing up for another successful run. Sure, they haven’t released their quarter four donation numbers yet, but we all know it’s going to be huge. And let’s not forget that Republicans are already spending big on their primary, with over $100 million on ads in Iowa alone. They know how to play the game.

So as Biden and his buddies try to spin their lackluster fundraising numbers, let’s keep things in perspective. Trump is the master of the deal, and he’s proving once again that he knows how to bring in the cash. While Biden is tanking in the polls and struggling to handle inflation, Trump is building an unstoppable fundraising machine. It’s clear who the real winner is here, folks.

Written by Staff Reports

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