Biden’s Gaffe Machine Ignored by Liberal Press – Shocking Details Inside!

Have you ever noticed how some “reporters” seem to be playing on the same team as Joe Biden? Well, it happened again recently when Biden decided to interact with the press on the White House lawn. And boy, did these so-called journalists run interference for him!

One of the reporters had the audacity to ask about a WhatsApp message from Hunter Biden, where he basically admitted to using his dad’s powerful position to extort money from a Chinese businessman. And what did Joe Biden do? He angrily denied any involvement and shouted “no!” at the reporter. It’s clear that the press didn’t even want to give this legitimate question the time of day.

But that’s not all. Biden also made a fool of himself by claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin was “clearly losing the war in Iraq.” Now, I’m no military expert, but last time I checked, there wasn’t a war in Iraq involving Russia. Yet, when a reporter pointed out this gaffe, it mysteriously didn’t make it into the pool report. I wonder why?

And let’s not forget Bloomberg News reporter Jenny Leonard, who conveniently left out the part where Biden said “Iraq” when discussing the Russia/Ukraine conflict. It’s truly disgusting how the media manipulates Biden’s words to make him sound coherent and competent. I mean, they even cleaned up quotes from Sen. John Fetterman to make him sound good! This is journalism?

This is just as bad as the fake quotes the media made up about Donald Trump. They would take something routine and mundane he said and turn it into something sinister and concerning. But guess what? We don’t need Biden’s words sanitized. We deserve the unvarnished truth, no matter how inconvenient it may be for his supporters and the left-wing press.

If these “journalists” can’t handle reporting the truth, maybe they should consider a career as a CNN analyst or even join Biden’s comms team. They clearly have a talent for spinning the narrative in their favor. But the American people deserve better. We deserve real journalism, not biased propaganda disguised as reporting.

It’s time for the media to wake up and start holding Biden accountable. We need journalists who are willing to ask the tough questions and report the unfiltered truth. Anything less is a betrayal of their duty and a disservice to the American people. So, step up or step aside, because we won’t be fooled by your biased games anymore.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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