Biden’s Handsy Antics Continue: Eva Longoria Edition

President Joe Biden once again faced widespread criticism for his interactions with women on Thursday, specifically during a speech where he referred to knowing actress Eva Longoria since she was young and appeared to engage in inappropriate physical contact. Although the incident was captured on camera, the onlookers present at the event laughed as Biden recounted his long-standing acquaintance with the actress. Online critics were quick to condemn the interaction as another example of Biden's behavior towards women, often characterized as "groping." This is not the first time that Biden's conduct with women has come under scrutiny, with former President Donald Trump frequently mocking him for instances of sniffing women's hair and inappropriate touching.

It is important to note that Biden, currently 80 years old, misspoke when he claimed to have been 40 years old when Eva Longoria was 17. In reality, he would have been 50 years old at the time. Longoria has been a significant donor and vocal supporter of the Democratic Party, especially in attracting Latino voters who have shown some disillusionment with the party in recent election cycles. She has been a steadfast advocate for Biden, dating back to his time as former President Barack Obama's running mate.

In the context of the #MeToo movement and the broader societal focus on the treatment of women in professional environments, President Biden's actions are likely to face continued scrutiny in the upcoming general election. His behavior has led to accusations of sexual harassment and uncomfortable encounters, including an incident involving Democratic lawmaker Lucy Flores, who publicly expressed her discomfort after Biden kissed her on the head at an event. Flores recounted feeling frozen and questioning why the Vice President of the United States was touching her, ultimately experiencing a slow kiss on the back of her head.

As President, Biden's conduct with women remains questionable, and it is evident that he has not learned from his past behavior. The persistent criticism and scrutiny he faces are valid, particularly during a time when powerful men are being held accountable for their actions. President Biden's inappropriate behavior towards women reflects a larger problem of declining moral standards within our political sphere. Voters must hold him accountable and demand higher standards from their leaders.

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