Biden’s I-Told-You-So to Obama Exposed in New Book!

In a juicy revelation from the new book The Truce: Progressives, Centrists, and the Future of the Democratic Party, it has been exposed that Joe Biden held nothing back when it came to expressing his thoughts on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. According to the book, Biden went straight to his buddy Barack Obama and boldly stated, “people just don’t like her.” Ouch! It seems Biden couldn’t resist the temptation to unleash a little “I told you so” after Obama had shut him down from running for the presidency in favor of Clinton. Talk about rubbing salt in the wound!

But it wasn’t just Biden who saw through the facade of Clinton’s campaign. Even Bill Clinton himself, her own husband, apparently didn’t mince words when he said her campaign couldn’t “sell p**** on a troop train.” Well, well, well, it seems like even the Clinton dynasty had their doubts about Hillary’s ability to connect with the American people. And yet, here we are, with Clinton still floating around as a surrogate for Biden’s re-election. It’s as if the Democrats haven’t learned their lesson from the disastrous 2016 campaign!

Speaking of the 2020 election, it turns out that Obama was once again meddling behind the scenes. According to the book, Obama had a previously unreported level of involvement in orchestrating the outcome of the Democratic primary. When Biden’s campaign was on life support, Obama stepped in and pulled the strings, leading to Biden’s miraculous comeback after his fifth-place finish in New Hampshire. It’s like magic, except it’s not. It’s just the former president trying to maintain his grip on the Democratic Party.

Now, Obama is advising Biden on how to run his campaign for re-election. Isn’t that sweet? It’s almost as if Obama can’t let go of being the real power player in the Democratic Party. But hey, who needs independent thinking when you can have a former president dictate your every move, right? It’s no wonder that the authors of the book describe Obama’s intervention as a well-kept secret. It seems like no one in the know was comfortable discussing Obama’s behind-the-scenes influence.

In the end, it’s clear that Biden had a more accurate read on Clinton’s candidacy than Obama did. But will anyone in the Democratic Party learn from these mistakes? Probably not. They seem to be too busy propping up failed candidates and relying on the past instead of looking towards the future. If the Democrats want to have any chance of winning in 2020, they need to cut ties with the Clinton and Obama dynasties and start fresh with new, dynamic leadership. But then again, as a conservative writer, I wouldn’t mind seeing them continue down this self-destructive path. After all, it makes for great entertainment!

Written by Staff Reports

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