Biden’s Immigration Policies Push American Workers Out of Job Market

In the wacky world of work, it seems like newly arrived migrants are stealing the spotlight while our working-class American pals are getting the short end of the stick. According to a smarty pants guy named Steven Camarota, the go-to guru at the Center for Immigration Studies, most of the job growth in the U.S. since 2019 has been scooped up by these fresh faces on the job scene. Meanwhile, our hardworking American men are waving goodbye to the labor force faster than you can say "job opportunity."

Camarota's brainy analysis points the finger at President Joe Biden's grand plan to flood the labor market with immigrants rather than giving our homegrown folks a chance to clock in. He's blabbered on about how a whopping 75 percent of all new jobs since 2019 have gone to these newcomers, legal or not. And while less than a million Americans have joined the workforce during the same time, millions of immigrants have snagged those coveted spots.

But wait, there's more bad news for the blue-collar boys! The numbers show that American men with only a high school diploma have been trickling out of the workforce since the age of dinosaurs. From 1960 to 2024, their job participation has dropped faster than a hot potato. Even the un-bachelor's degree fellows feel the pinch, seeing their chance to work dwindling like yesterday's leftovers.

Camarota isn't done dropping truth bombs, folks. He notes that the job-seeking game has dramatically changed since the cowboys roamed the plains. The labor participation among American men, especially those who aren't waving a bachelor's degree in the air, has seen better days. Even though things seem to be returning to normal after the pandemic, Camarota warns us to keep an eye on the ball as these numbers still look gloomier than a rainy day at the picnic.

Ah, but wait, there's much more to this wild new ride! Our friends at Breitbart News have been keeping tabs on this chaotic labor party. They've noticed that while American workers are hitting the road, Biden is rolling out the red carpet for immigrants to snatch up those job offers. Since 2023, nearly 300,000 of our native-born buddies have said "Adios!" to the workforce, while over half a million migrants have jumped on the work train.

Good ol' Biden has been busy beefing up the foreign-born crew, making it a bit crowded in the workplace airways. The number of foreign-born folks has hit a record high, at a whopping 51.6 million. That's like having a surprise party with three out of every 19 people in the U.S. shouting, "Hola!"

So, the labor market dance floor is getting crowded with new faces. As working-class Americans are left sipping their soda on the sidelines, we must keep an eye on who's stealing the spotlight in this job market circus.

Written by Staff Reports

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