Biden’s Impeachment Looming? Beau Death Spin May Seal His Fate

Given Joe Biden's record of negative actions towards the United States, including his illegal invasion of the border with aliens, divisive rhetoric, and exorbitant grocery store prices, it would not be surprising if he provoked his impeachment by "outrageously spinning" his lies regarding Special Counsel Hur bringing up the death of his son, Beau.

According to Jonathan Turley, a columnist and law professor from George Washington, it is a distinct possibility.

Turley argues that the utilization of White House personnel for an alleged disinformation campaign may give rise to allegations of federal staff and resource mismanagement and breaches of public confidence. Furthermore, it is indisputable that Biden's history of telling the truth is anything but impeccable.

Turley explains that the ongoing investigation into influence trafficking by the Biden family could be the determining factor in impeachment. It could be a game-changer if it is revealed that Biden utilized the White House to disseminate false information regarding this investigation.

However, the most recent controversy involving Biden's spin on his son's mortality should not be overlooked. While Hur refrained from inquiring about the year of Beau Biden's demise, Biden himself initiated the discussion during the interview. Furthermore, as Turley astutely notes, this may constitute more than a mere oversight. It might indicate deliberate deception or mental deterioration.

Evidently, Biden's utilization of White House personnel to propagate his erroneous narrative may constitute a perilous strategy. It has the potential to result in articles of impeachment, particularly when it is associated with accusations of the Biden family engaging in influence trafficking.

Under the leadership of White House spokesman Ian Sams, the administration has attacked critics aggressively and disseminated fraudulent claims. This, Turley cautions, may even constitute an impeachable offense. The crux of the matter pertains to purported breaches of public confidence and improper utilization of federal personnel and assets.

The orchestrated effort to discredit Biden's deceptions regarding Beau's demise may be sufficient to link alleged transgressions from the past to present-day behavior. Alternatively stated, the White House must exercise caution to prevent their narrative from escalating into an impeachment.

However, let's be honest here. The likelihood that Joe Biden will be impeached, much less convicted, is virtually non-existent. It is improbable that the Democratic Party, which controls Congress, would hold its own members accountable. Therefore, although Biden's potential impeachment may sound appealing, it is likely optimistic thinking.

The American people are ultimately responsible for holding Biden and his administration accountable for their deceit and falsehoods. Nevertheless, the present political climate renders the truth seemingly inconsequential. Indeed, this represents a lamentable condition for our nation.

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