Biden’s Israel Support Tarnishes Irish Popularity

President Joe Biden may be proud of his Irish heritage, but it seems that his support for Israel is not sitting well with the people of Ireland. According to a recent poll, there is strong support for the Palestinians in Ireland, and many are demanding that Biden reverse his policy regarding Israel.

Biden has been hesitant to call for a ceasefire in the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. This has sparked outrage among the Irish, who see it as a lack of concern for the Palestinian people caught in the middle of the war. It appears that Biden’s stance on Israel is putting his popularity and respect in Ireland at risk.

Robert Schmuhl, a professor at the University of Notre Dame, believes that Biden’s support for Israel is overshadowing the human tragedy happening in Gaza. He claims that Biden is paying a personal price in terms of his popularity and respect in Ireland. It remains to be seen if this opinion will impact future decisions and interactions between the Irish government and the Biden administration.

Michael Desch, another professor from the University of Notre Dame, argues that Biden’s Irish ancestry will only go so far in making up for the innocent blood being shed in Gaza. He believes that global opinion is turning against Israel and the United States, and it’s not surprising that many in Ireland share this critical view.

Interestingly, dissatisfaction with Biden’s support for Israel is not limited to Ireland. Even within his own party, there is growing dissent. A recent poll found that 38% of Democrats believe that Biden has been too favorable towards Israel.

It seems that Biden’s stance on Israel is putting him in a tough spot, both internationally and domestically. It remains to be seen how this will impact his relationships with other countries and his standing within his own party. As a conservative, it’s disheartening to see a president who prioritizes the opinions of foreign nations over the safety and security of our ally, Israel. It’s time for Biden to reevaluate his position and stand firmly in support of our longtime friend in the Middle East.

Written by Staff Reports

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