Biden’s Late Night Stunt: Panic Move to Placate Dem uproar!

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) suggested that President Joe Biden's recent appearance on NBC's Late Night with Seth Meyers was a strategic maneuver aimed at quelling unrest within the Democratic Party. Speaking to Politico, Khanna highlighted the administration's concerns regarding Michigan, where the Muslim community's discontent with Biden's stance on Israel has sparked significant backlash.

Khanna emphasized that Biden's television appearance was no coincidence, indicating it as a calculated effort to address growing dissatisfaction among party members. "Nothing in politics happens by chance," he remarked, hinting at a deliberate attempt by the president to restore confidence within his base. "This reflects a growing sentiment within the coalition for an end to the conflict," Khanna added.

As frustrations escalate over Biden's handling of the Gaza crisis, Khanna has emerged as a mediator between progressive Democrats and the administration. He revealed personal discussions with Biden, urging him to pivot on the issue. "I conveyed the concerns of Michigan's Muslim community to him, stressing the need for a change," Khanna disclosed. "He acknowledged the discontent and assured me of efforts to pressure Bibi," he continued.

Biden's struggles to resonate with Arab leaders in Michigan have further complicated matters, with reports suggesting a sense of alarm within his team. Concerns loom over the potential backlash from Muslims and progressives in Michigan, posing a significant threat to the state's electoral dynamics. Meanwhile, attempts by the Biden camp to frame any vote not cast for him as support for Donald Trump have faced resistance and skepticism among Democrats.

Echoing this sentiment, a Democratic official criticized the campaign's messaging strategy, refusing to endorse the notion that not voting for Biden equates to supporting Trump. "They want us to believe it's a choice between them. It's not that simple," the official remarked, highlighting the failure to address key grievances within the party.

In summary, Biden's appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers appears to be a calculated effort to salvage support within his party amid escalating tensions. With Michigan's Muslim population and progressive Democrats voicing their discontent over the Gaza conflict, Biden faces a critical test in reconciling differences within his coalition ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

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