Biden’s Megadonor Switches Sides, Showers Trump Rival with Cash!

In a surprising move, multi-billionaire and Biden megadonor Barry Diller has donated a whopping $50,000 to support the presidential campaign of Chris Christie, a Republican rival of former President Trump. Diller, who has already given $100,000 to Biden’s re-election campaign, seems to be setting a troubling trend by supporting anti-Trump candidates. The Democrats have also taken part in this trend, reportedly spending tens of millions to bolster weak Republican primary candidates in the hopes of defeating them in the general election. However, their efforts have largely been in vain, with less than half of their preferred candidates securing the victory.

But the Democrats don’t seem to be discouraged by their lack of success. Liberals have shown their support for Christie through both small and large donations. Kara Swisher, the host of Vox Media’s “On with Kara Swisher” podcast, contributed a modest $5 to Christie’s campaign. She explained that she wants to see Christie on the debate stage and believes he can take on Trump better than anyone else.

The true motive behind liberal support for Christie seems to be their determination to stop Trump. While Swisher’s donation may be small, Diller’s contribution of $50,000 carries more weight. With a net worth of $3.8 billion, Diller’s support could have a significant impact on Christie’s campaign. Despite the fact that only 17 percent of Republicans have a favorable view of Christie, Diller believes that supporting him is a worthwhile investment. He stated that he thinks nominating Trump would have disastrous consequences and that he likes and respects Christie.

However, it’s hard to take Diller’s words at face value. It seems unlikely that he truly takes Christie’s campaign seriously. This move appears to be part of a larger strategy to stop Trump from regaining power. Diller’s massive donation to Christie and the broader trend of supporting anti-Trump candidates should raise concerns for conservatives who are eager to see Trump remain a dominant figure in the Republican Party.

Written by Staff Reports

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