Biden’s Mental Fitness Questioned as Concerns Grow Ahead of 2024 Elections

Joe Biden’s mental fitness was always going to be the elephant in the room for the 2024 elections. When 86 percent of Americans—from Republicans to Democrats to fence-sitting independents—agree that the man is too old for another term, it’s a big, flashing neon sign. Biden needs constant hand-holding, whether it’s from Jill Biden or trotted-out Democrat darlings like Obama. Even if some hand-wringers are quibbling over whether the President’s latest slip at an LA fundraiser was just another “senior moment,” the reality is unmissable: the man is mentally MIA. For a showcase of Biden’s cognitive crash-and-burn, look no further than the international débâcle known as the G7 Summit.

Instead of addressing this glaring issue, Democrats, the White House, and their loyal media hounds are scrambling to spin these cringeworthy episodes as nothing more than doctored videos or misinformation campaigns. They’re failing miserably. Even the European press can’t help but notice that Biden’s mental gears are rusting. To make matters more interesting, notable progressive voices like Cenk Uygur aren’t shy about voicing their concerns. Uygur, for instance, can’t sugarcoat Biden’s mental lapses, leading to awkward exchanges with progressive stalwarts like Brian Tyler Cohen.

Speaking of Cohen, his attempt to counter criticism of Biden’s age by showcasing Trump purportedly needing help from his son went hilariously wrong. The image he used was slapped with a Community Note for being misleading. In fact, the full video revealed Trump was simply shaking hands with his son, not being assisted offstage. Cohen’s attempt at damage control not only flopped; it backfired spectacularly.

The meltdown continued as Piers Morgan employed the Socratic method to methodically dismantle Brian Tyler Cohen’s desperate attempt to paint all attacks on Biden’s age as partisan hacks. Cohen’s flailing reached peak absurdity when he suggested that Trump, too, suffered from the same issue, only to be busted for lying by none other than viewers themselves. It’s a sad day when even CNN had to back off from trying to spin the story in Cohen’s favor. 


What’s rich is that Democrats apparently think this is the kind of selective editing happening to Biden. But everyone knows better. Biden isn’t just growing old; he’s growing old in front of our eyes in real-time, and no amount of PR puffery is going to change that. The Democrats are probably gearing up for a campaign finale that relies more on surrogates than on Biden himself. Let’s face it: they’ll be bringing out the big guns—and probably some Ensure—to mask what everyone can plainly see: Biden’s time is up.

Written by Staff Reports

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